Saint Basil's Cathedral

Saint Basil's Cathedral: Glimpse of Byzantine Architecture in the Modern-Day World

The Saint Basil’s Cathedral is also referred to as Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed is the highlight of Moscow city. It construction is quite spell-bounding, with one central church surrounded several small and large churches. It is believed that the architects were influenced by the irrational atrocities of Ivan (patron of the cathedral). The structure is popular for its multi-colored domes that attract the onlooker from a distance. At one point, this structure was the tallest building in the Moscow, before the completion of Ivan Great Bell Tower.

During the times of Stalin, a plan was devised to demolish the cathedral. However, the brave denial of the architect Pyotr Baranovsky to do so, and saved the structure that stands till today. The Russian cathedral is quite renewed for the peculiar construction, a mystery that even some of expert architects haven’t been able to solve until now. But these occurrences couldn’t undermine the beauty of the cathedral that attracts thousands of tourists from across the world.

The original dome and towers were presumably white or no mixed colors. The present day, vibrant color scheme of the cathedral is believed to have been done during the 17th century, when Russia underwent a change in its attitude towards mural and use of bright colors. This cathedral has employed a large of brickwork for decoration both inside and outside the structure along with stucco. The cathedral is open to visitors from 11 am in the morning until 5 pm in the evening, and closed on Tuesdays. It’s painted and patterned winding gallery along with the wooden staircase is a spectacle, that shouldn’t be by anyone travelling to Moscow.

Quite recently, this cathedral has been turned into a museum. Nevertheless, an annual service is conducted in October to commemorate the Intercession. It is a highly recommend tourist spot for anyone and everyone visiting the city of Moscow.

Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin: At The Heart Of Russian Rule

The Moscow Kremlin which is also referred to as the Kremlin is a fortress that is located in Moscow. It is the residence of the president of the federal republic of Russia. Kremlin’ means fortress inside a city’. It is among the best of all the Russian citadels that includes five palaces, the Kremlin wall, four cathedrals and Kremlin towers. The original Kremlins were eighteen but the number was added to twenty in the seventeenth century.

The walls and the towers of the Kremlin were built between the years 1485 and 1495 by Italian masters. The wall occupies an area of 68 acres and its length is estimated to approximately 2,235 metres. The height of the wall ranges between 5 to 19 metres which depends on the terrain it is on. Among the towers, the highest one is the Troizkaya which was built to its current height of 73.9 metres in the year 1495.

The cathedral Square is considered as the heart of the Kremlin. It has six buildings surrounding it which include three cathedrals. Another very important structure is the Great Bell Tower which is apparently at the place considered the as centre of Moscow. It also resembles a burning candle. This structure was completed in the year 1600 and is 81 metres high. During the Russian revolution, buildings taller than this structure were forbidden making it the tallest in the city during that time. The Ivan the third’s palace which holds the imperial thrones is the oldest structure here. The largest structure is the Grand Kremlin. There is also a museum that is home to Russia's state regalia which is originally the Arsenal.

There have been renovations that have been done on the Moscow Kremlin. There have been additions as well such as a helipad. It was built so as to ease traffic in Moscow that was caused by the presidential motorcade. This meant the president would only use a helicopter to travel around.

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